About Us

A Few Words About Us

Founded in 2003, Beast to Beauty Inc. began offering professional grooming services through the personalized experience of mobile grooming. Grooming pets at their homes provided a different level of care than could be achieved in a regular grooming salon, and an intimate view in to the lives of the dogs we groom.

Recognizing how life inside the home and training methods directly affects dog behavior in the grooming salon, Beast to Beauty Inc. began offering private training and behavior modification services in addition to grooming services. Educated in animal behavior science, behavior analysis, and canine cognition, we provide a unique training experience for our clients, teaching them how to incorporate simple training solutions in to their daily lives, allowing them to successfully train their dogs without spending hours a day to do so.

What We Offer


Low stress, professional grooming at your home or office. Grooming is done inside our self contained mobile grooming vans, right there in you driveway. 


Training and behavior modification for dogs. No need to live with problem behaviors! We can help you resolve everything from guarding food & toys, jumping, barking and pulling on leash, to more serious problems such as biting and separation anxiety.


Continuing education for groomers. We teach low stress handling techniques and training & behavior modification for dogs in the grooming salon. 

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