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Training Is Simple, But It’s Not Easy

Gigi is only about 5 months old, and she's learning how to sit on cue, but it's not easy for Gigi! Gigi knows how to jump far better than she knows how to sit. "Ask her to sit", I tell Gigi's person, "But only say 'sit' one time, and then just wait. You have to…
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Getting A Consistent Sit

When you ask your dog to sit, at home, in the kitchen, when you're standing in front of him holding a treat, does he sit? More than likely. Most dogs default to sitting, especially when they want something. How about out on the street when there are other dogs and people walking by, and you…
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Why Does My Dog Shake When The Groomer Arrives?

Of all the questions I'm asked when I arrive at a residence to groom a dog, the most frequent one is, "Why is my dog shaking?" Unlike most humans, many dogs, especially smaller dogs, don't really enjoy the grooming process. For them, it can be a scary, uncomfortable, and sometimes even painful experience. Almost all…
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Positive Is NOT Permissive

Recently I received this message in response to an article I had sent to someone, trying to convince her not to use shock collars on her two dog aggressive dogs: "You all probably think sending a child to his or her room is very bad and makes me a bad parent. Maybe I should give my…
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